Dear Friend,

This is a very special page and could be life changing information.  Lorraine has become a wonderful friend of mine since I met her in back in 1999.

I’m providing this information for you to read and then contact me with any questions or you can contact Lorraine yourself.


From:           Tony Bernard       (Tony@TonyBernard.com)                                  

Subject:       Expect a miracle from God and ….

                        Lorraine Louvat – www.lifesongljl.org

I have put this information together for you to look at and see that there are always other options as God works in many ways. The power of Prayer is wonderful and NOT fully understood!

Some people God helps with conventional medical treatments and others He works through the power of prayer and yet another option is that Jesus heals people through healers like Lorraine.

I’m not trying to give you false hope; I want to give you another option. Once you read this information I hope that you will consider seeking help from this wonderful lady. I met her back in February 1999.


Update – June 2011

About 35 of us went to Lorraine’s for Prayers for June 2, 3 & 4th. That is another story, but I want to tell you about 2 miracles that I first hand know about. They involve two different statues of Mother Mary. Each of them started to cry while I was there. Yes, weeping! I have NEVER witnessed such an event before.

Click here for Video of Mother Mary Crying

(Sorry about the bad quality of the video).


Understand that I’m an engineer by trade, so I’m not one to just believe everything that I see. Knowing what I know about Lorraine and her place in Sherman, Maine, I don’t doubt this, especially after seeing this first hand!

This was another miracle happening there, no question in my mind.

Update September 2009

About 6 weeks ago my youngest daughter Maeghan (8 years old) and I went to see Lorraine. It was Maeghan’s first trip to see Lorraine. I asked if she wanted to go again and she said “Yes!” very quickly!!

At this particular event, the number of miracles was very numerous.   One man that has diabetes had circulation issues, swelling and other health issues. It was difficult for him to get out of a chair and walk. After Lorraine prayed over him ….. it was as if he was 20 years younger. Jesus gave him some great relief.

There were many other significant benefits for many others …. I do want to tell you of one other lady. It might have been the week before that she had been not feeling well at all. She went to the Dr’s and after extensive testing, the Dr told her she had extensive cancer and there was NO hope and to go home to die. Can you imagine being told that yourself?

She was not in a very …. What I call resourceful state however her sister told her about Lorraine and what often times happens when Lorraine prays for people. This lady got a hold of Lorraine and Lorraine prayed for her from a distance. I believe she is from Mass. Bottom line, the lady sleep extremely well that night after Lorraine prayed for her. The lady feels confident that the cancer is gone and was up to see Lorraine to have her pray over her in person.

Again, this event was extremely eye opening …. I like to have my 8 year (Maeghan) old tell stories of what she saw firsthand as well.

Lorraine has prayed over farm animals (Jesus healed a horses leg, the horse would have had to been put down) to have them healed. The reason I tell you this is because animals do NOT have to believe that they will be healed, yet they are. So, belief is NOT required!


Oct 2003 Information

I have put this information together for you to look at and see that there are always other options as God works in many ways.

Some people God helps with conventional medical treatments and others He works through the power of prayer and yet another option is that Jesus heals people through healers like Lorraine.

I’m not trying to give you false hope; I want to give you another option. Once you read the attached information I hope that you will consider seeking help from this wonderful lady. I met her back in February 1999 and have been to many of her events ever since. I have driven 100’s of mile to see her and so have others. While I’m not in need of a major medical miracle, I have gotten much comfort from her for some minor medical injuries and help in other ways.

I have taken this step to try to help you by providing you with this information. I have found that I cannot want to help you more than you want to be helped. Saying it another way. If you are not really interested in getting help, then I can’t drag you there. I’m giving you this information for you to understand more about Lorraine and a chance to ask me any questions that you might have.

I’m very impressed with Lorraine. Once you attend one of here Lifesong events, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It is so very touching to the heart and soul. It touches people in many different ways.

Using one person’s words from this a past event, “I have never felt so much Love from others before and the pain is almost all gone!” This person had cancer in most of his organs and had been in excruciating pain for so long he could hardly walk. After Lorraine prayed over him, he told us that.

This is only one case of thousands that she has helped.

Not all people are healed for some reason. It is interesting how people are affected. Some are healed right there, others healed for a short time and others healed later (from several hours to days later) and yet others are not healed. One thing that I know is that Gods will, will be done!

As I have provided you this information, I ask you to review it. It can be life changing. It might not even be life changing for you, but for the next person, who you meet that might need some divine help.

I have clipped some information from her OLDER Web site for you to review. She has a schedule section at her web site (this is not always as up to date, but I might be able to give you more current information if you are interested).

You can note any questions that you want as you read this information and I’ll try to answer them if you. I want to help you with this option if you want to be helped in this way!


Monday, September 29, 2003 UPDATE

I am writing to you today about a good friend of mine, Lorraine!

She has been given wonderful gifts from God that you can read about at her web site, which is


If you have or know of someone with some illness, disease, or problem that you would like to have eliminated or help with, than I would suggest that you see her.   It could be smoking, drinking, drugs, or other issues, not always life critical right at this moment.

I went to see Lorraine at her festival in August 2003 and there were 3 or 4 people that had severe hearing problems. All of them had GREAT and I mean GREAT hearing improvements. Another lady (Doris) met Lorraine in March in the Boston area and was healed of breast cancer (and I believe other organ cancer also) at that meeting. It was not known at that time that Doris had over 40 tumors in her head. That is why she drove to Sherman Mills, Maine from the Boston area to see Lorraine (about 350 miles one way). When I went to Lorraine’s on Sept 25, I heard from both Lorraine and Doris’s brother-in-law (Father Brian) that she is tumor free! Jesus blessed her again with a second healing!!!!!

If you have some problem that you would like corrected (I bad habit could be eliminated smoking, over weight, gambling, drugs, drinking, etc) perhaps you should go see Lorraine or ask her to pray for you!

I love going to see her. It is so uplifting and … the grounds are very special. When I told my daughter Kaite about Lorraine having another event (Oct 5th, 2003), she wanted to go see her again. I mean she really wanted to go. Kaite has something already scheduled for that day, but I was very happy that she wanted to go again. Kaite and I have gone up there 2 times together and I look forward to bring her up many more times. It is wonderful that she likes going! We have brought a friend for Kaite in the past. I asked Kaite if her friend could not go would she still go. She answered, “Yes!” quickly, with no hesitation.

It might be that you need to go, your spouse, a friend or some relative that might want or need to go. As I have told one person, I gain NOTHING by you going. I just love to help people.

Someone asked, what does it cost? Good question. Lorraine had many expenses and no income source except donations from people like you and me. She asks for donations.

May God Bless you and your family even more!


P.S. Again, it might be someone else that might need to see Lorraine. Please pass this note on to others that might want to see her. I’m only asking you to do this because I’m doing it. Thanks for your help!

If you want this by email I’m at tony@tonybernard.com.


UPDATE – Friday, October 10, 2003

Last week I went to see Lorraine for another healing event at her Sherman Mills community. It was a very nice event as usual.

I learned something that I want to add to this information for your benefit.

Lorraine explained that (and I MUST agree) that ALL things are possible with God or Jesus! Look around us and you can see that. Now we do have problems and I believe that comes from the fact that we are given free will to choose.

With that said, ALL things are possible with Him! So, when she prays over people to ask Jesus to heal them, Lorraine has that very same belief, so ANY person could be healed (if it is God’s will). She told us the story from the bible where the Apostles could not heal this one person, however Jesus did. Jesus told them, it was that they didn’t believe that they could heal that particular person, so he was not healed. So, Lorraine has GREAT belief that Jesus can heal ANYONE! Again if it is God’s will.

That is something major for me to hear, which is why I’m telling you that here now.

May God Continue to bless you and your family!




P.S.   As it says in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12: Verse 28 “Some people God has designated in the church to be, first, apostles; 6 second, prophets; third, teachers; then, mighty deeds; then, gifts of healing, assistance, administration, and varieties of tongues.”

Lorraine’s Contact information




This is from her old site. Her new site has different information on it. You might want to read some of the info that is located there now.




Lorraine J. Louvat (Lou’-vah)Prayer Hermit, composer, singer, guitarist, teacherHAS THE GIFT OF HEALINGCOME AND EXPECT A MIRACLE !!



The LIFESONG LJL HEALING PROGRAM is a personal, non-pressured experience of prayer through music, with a focus on healing and an integral part of the LIFESONG LJL HEALING MINISTRY. I have been a PRAYER HERMIT for 33 years, and am the founder of the LIFESONG LJL HEALING COMMUNITY. I have been blessed with the GIFT OF HEALING, the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE and the GIFT OF MIRACLES for many years.In this Ministry, the gift of GOD’s HEALING manifests itself in three ways:

  • People are healed when I sing and play the guitar.
  • People are healed when I pray over them: “laying on of hands”.
  • People are healed when I pray for their intentions from a distance.

For some mysterious reason, God has given the Gift of Healing to certain people, but the GIFT only passes through that individual. The healing DOES NOT come from that person.


I AM NOT A PSYCHIC HEALER and I come against all types of new age, occult, black magic, white magic, witch craft, Satan worshiping, voodoo type claims of healing practices. I have nothing to do with tools such as crystals, stones, pulsars, rattles or any other type of device to which great healing properties are attributed. A once powerless and harmless piece of material serves to open the spirit world and becomes a tool of Satan. It is no longer powerless. People even claim healings. The healings that occur are true, however, Satan can heal only those illnesses that he has created in the first place. And of course, Satan heals through means of a clever practitioner for the sole purpose of attracting more and more people away from God and to himself. People are often taken in by clever and enthusiastic sales people who will tell you exactly what you want to hear. They themselves are sometimes victims. They start out with a pure and sincere desire to help alleviate the pain of others. All seems very holistic and natural. Little do they know that they too are preparing themselves to be a tool of Satan as they open that “spirit world” of which they are unaware. They prey upon everyone, but especially upon those who are wealthy.

This is all very important, as people must practice SPIRITUAL HYGEINE. Be very careful about whom you allow to “pray over you” and your family. I am a Roman Catholic. This can be authenticated by contacting Bishop Joseph Gerry of the Diocese of Portland, ME or Bishop Kenneth Angell of the Diocese of Burlington, VT. My Pastor, Father Al Jacques may be contacted at Sts. Athanasious and John Parish, Rumford, ME 207-364-4556. A list of many other Priests is available and will soon be entered in this web site.

During the LIFESONG LJL HEALING PROGRAM, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for a one hour journey into healing, followed by Benediction at Catholic Church locations. God has chosen to heal tumors, cancer, MS, deafness, cataracts, aids, arthritis, severe back and knee problems, as well as other physical, financial and spiritual challenges through my ministry. MAY HE BE GIVEN ALL PRAISE!! Come and let Him gently heal you, and those for whom you pray, in an atmosphere of love and deep respect for all Faiths. People of all ages and all faiths are welcome.





Dear Lorraine,I am writing this to you because I feel I have been healed. You came to St. John the Baptist Church in Winslow late Feb. for a LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM.Through you JESUS lengthened my left leg 1/2 inch. At that time I expressed that I had lower back pain which extended down my left leg continuously and that through an MRI we knew I had 3 HERNIATED DISCS at various stages of degeneration. You placed your hands on my back there.I was due to be operated on for that problem by Dr. XXXXX in Waterville on March 23rd. But by that date my leg PAIN WAS GONE.I spoke to the Doctor of this development and he thought that the OPERATION WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY. (5 weeks) Thank you JESUS !!!Oakland, ME(Letter on file at LIFESONG)




Dear Lorraine,First of all I love you and I love Our Great JESUS. And I thank Father Reggie Brissette very much for asking you to bring your LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM to our beautiful church here at St. Andre.I had never seen a healing done before, only heard stories and had to wonder if it was really true. Well, let me tell you Lorraine, now I AM A TRUE BELIEVER.I can honestly say I’ve seen it and felt it. I know you work with a lot of people and I don’t know if you would remember me but I was the one sitting on a chair HOLDING MY NECK and the nice man helping you, addressed your attention to me because he could see the GREAT DEAL OF PAIN I WAS IN.I started to cry because I thought a PAIN LIKE THIS .. that I’ve had for TWO YEARS couldn’t be cured. But with the touch of your hands and God’s true love, MY PAIN COMPLETELY VANISHED and has not returned in the two weeks it’s been since I attended the LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM.IT IS A TRUE MIRACLE and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I own and run a Day Care eleven hours a day .. five days a week and I am now able to enjoy playing with all my kids every day WITHOUT THAT PAIN and the TERRIBLE HEADACHES it would cause.Everyone can see a big difference in me and they’re all amazed and grateful. I play so much more now with my kids that they hate to go home at the end of the day. They want to stay and play with “their Debbie”.I can’t thank you and God enough for how much you have both CHANGED MY LIFE.I had also asked for a SPECIAL HEALING to help me get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy where I have miscarried FIVE TIMES. Well, today makes eight days that I’m late having my period and I’m praying that it’s a good sign. We’ve been trying for almost two years now. I don’t know if I am yet but in my heart I have complete faith that it will happen.Lorraine you are a true gift to us from God and I will keep you in my prayers and heart forever. I hope to see you at our church again soon.Once again I truly thank you Lorraine . God Bless You !D.D.Biddeford, ME




Back pain since 1993 was inoperable. I felt so much heat throughout my body . The back pain is gone and I thank God and His Son Jesus for sending you to me.L.B. Lyman, ME




From 19 year old Anna McCrea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lorraine,I just wanted to say thank you very much for what you and JESUS have done for me. For the past 3 years it has been hard for me. I was afraid to get my license because of my blindness and now I can. I have been able to do more things with my daughter. I’m not as paranoid anymore because I CAN SEE.Last Sunday was one of the best days of my life. I don’t know how I will ever thank you but you will be in my prayers for the rest of my life. A true friend always.Love, Thank you again.A.M. Old Orchard, ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From Anna’s Step Mother~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 years ago at age 16 Anna’s left eye optic nerve had a stroke and hemorraged. The doctor’s did not know the cause. This resulted in Anna seeing only shadows.Last week during the LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM at St. Andre Church in Biddeford Anna felt a great deal of warmth and a tingling feeling in her left eye as you placed your hand over her eye and her sight in that eye is 100% restored.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FEATURE ARTICLE in the MAINE



____Reporter: Kelley Bouchard____McCrea said she regained her sight in her left eye after Louvat prayed over her at last week’s LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM. “For the last 3 years I’ve been able to see nothing but shadows after the optic nerve hemorrhaged during my pregnancy,” said McCrea. “She put her hand over my eye and prayed for me and that was about it.”

When McCrea opened her eye and was able to see she was overcome with joy. And she was FILLED WITH FAITH.

“I was never really into churches,” McCrea said. “Through all the stuff that has happened to me, I never thought God was around to help me when I needed Him. Now I’m a 100 percent A BELIEVER. I think God decided to give me a second chance.




FEATURE ARTICLE in MAINE – LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL_____Reporter: Gail Geraghty_____Seven months ago Suanne Thibeault, 30, was desperate to get to one of Lorraine Louvat’s LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAMS.Thibeault, also of Rumford, cradled her 10-month-old daughter Emily, who was moaning from the pain of infected ears. She had a temperature of 104; she’d had the temperature four days running.Thibeault knew Louvat from attending several of her LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAMS. Now she reached out to her on the phone.Louvat told Thibeault to place her hand on Emily’s head. Then she whispered a prayer into the receiver, finishing with the words, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS BE HEALED!”Thibeault thanked her and hung up, passing Emily to her mother. About five minutes later, “Emily sat right up and said, ‘Duh,'” Thibeault said. “And then she hopped right down and started playing. She hasn’t had a fever since.” Louvat takes no credit for the healing.”I do not heal anyone,” she said, softly strumming her guitar at a recent LIFESONG HEALING PROGRAM at her home church. “The only healer today is Jesus. The only healer here is God.”S.T. Rumford, ME


These are only a few of the many healing that happen!